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Trust Meets Trade

Danachris supplies synthetic lubricants for industrial applications. These oils and greases are suitable for a range of machine lubrication systems that include:

    • Gear oils, chain oils, hydraulic oils, fire resistant hydraulic (specialized/non-standard), slideway lubricants, circulating oils, compressors (specialized/non-standard), spindle oils, food grade oils, biodegradable oils

    • Concrete mold oils, rock drill oils, steam reciprocating oils, heat transfer oils, refrigeration oils, process oils, turbine oils, transformer oils, etc. 

    • Gas engine oils, rotary screw compressor oils, bearing and circulating oils. 

Danachris also supplies industrial greases: 

    • Temperature dependent greases (High and Low) 

    • Multi-purpose high performance, open gear, food grades, biodegradable, walking cam, wire rope

    • Molybdenum based gear oil additives, anti-corrosion grease, chuck grease, spur & bull gear grease, leg dope & cable lube, sea safe EP skid grease, sugar mill bearing grease, spline grease, kiln car grease

    • Valve grease: gate valve lubricant, high & low temperature greases, synthetic gate and plug valve lubricant.