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Pipes & Fittings

Danachris supports our clients with procurement of industry standard valves and fittings (valves, flanges, bolts & nuts, gaskets). The products within our range of focus include:

- SS grade pipes
- CS and MS pipes and fittings; 
- Metals and tubes pipes
- SS Seamless tubes, Heat exchanger tubes, boiler tubes & pipes, instrumentation tubes
- seamless pipes, heater pipes, hollow bars, welded tubes, welded pipes, titanium welded tubes, longitudinal pipes
- External and internal coated CS pipes, HF-ERW pipes, SAW pipes
- PTFE lined pipes and fittings
- Corrosion resistant pipes and fittings

- Valves: dual check, butterfly, plug, piston, gate, ball etc.
- Chemical injection quills
- Custom made vessels for projects

Countries of Origin: Italy, India, China, UAE, UK, USA

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